Cookie policy

Collection, storage and further use of cookies and flash cookies takes place solely with the consent of the user.

A cookie is a file that contains some information from your device. This information relates to the terms and features of your visit to the Company’s website, the parameters used, settings, types of services, and services that you prefer. Information about your devices is also recorded in the cookie files. Cookies can be temporary, permanent, or analytical.

These files are automatically recorded by the browser. At the same time, temporary cookies are deleted as soon as you close the page, while analytical and permanent ones are stored for the time set in the browser settings, or until you delete them manually. The settings of any web browser provide each user with such possible actions in relation to cookies: allow cookies, block, delete all cookies, clear all cookies after closing the browser, and so on. 

  • The information that is stored in the form of cookie or flash cookie files is collected and stored exclusively with your consent;
  • At any time, you can clear cookies on your device or in your browser history;
  • You have the right and technical ability to refuse the collection and storage of cookie files;
  • You have the right to visit the Website using “Incognito” or “Private Browsing” mode, however, in this case, we cannot save your settings data, for example, your preferred currency type, language, interests, and other parameters;
  • No cookies, regardless of type, are used to access any kind of personal data or access to your devices. 

Cookie files are necessary for tracking traffic and the nature of user interaction with the Company’s website. Storing this information helps simplify your access to the Company’s services and services, improve the quality of services provided, and offer each user relevant advertising announcements. 

Collecting some cookie files is important and necessary for the client’s unobstructed access to some features and sections of the Company, in particular, for conducting financial transactions or placing bets. 

The Company collects some information during registration, which helps us to learn more about you as a client, take into account your interests and preferences, constantly improve the quality of Services and Platforms. 

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